Project Veritas Releases Part 3 of Expose Antifa

Project Veritas Releases Part 3 of Expose Antifa

Project Veritas Releases Part 3 of Expose Antifa & Project Veritas has infiltrated Antifa.
Project Veritas published part a few of its”Expose Antifa” series on Tuesday.
Veritas went vulnerable and undercover the militia wing of Antifa.
The militia wing,”Redneck Revolt,” thinks in an entire abolition of this system, including authorities.

TRENDING: Chicago Mayor Now Pleading With Walmart Along With Companies Not To Leave The City

As they’re currently pushing to defundand disband the police the Democrats have been in line with Antifa.

Undercover Journalist:”And they think in total abolition of everything, including the authorities, you know, Charlottesville was included of your normal Antifa black cube measures…You will find several phases of Redneck Revolt which went into Charlottesville and acted because the militia wing of this anti-fascist movement.”

Redneck Revolt Members at Gun Range:”…While You Are Aiming, Do Not Catch the Trigger Until You Are Ready to Pull the Trigger”

Undercover Journalist:”They watch them themselves as armed revolutionaries…”

Clyde, Redneck Revolt Member:”…when an Officer of this State Came to the Door and Asked You Questions Regarding Your Spiritual Ideology and People You Partner With, How Can You Respond?”

“Redneck Revolt is a heavily armed fringe organization, and the Department of Justice should consider looking in their actions,” said O’Keefe.
Last Thursday, PV report revealed how the leftist terror group Antifa practice eye gouging, beating their opponents and make an environment of panic and terror.
Project Veritas journalists infiltrated New York City Antifa and caught . #ExposeAntifa

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