President Trump’s Poll Numbers Better than Obama At Same Point in His Presidency Indicating a 2020 Election Win

Its polling data that shows President Trump at a 49% approval rating was released by the Gallup polling company.  This is higher than Obama at exactly precisely the time in his Presidency. 
Gallop introduced its data on presidential approval which reveal that President Trump has an approval rating at exactly precisely the same time inside their presidencies.  This is having compliments every day from the tainted media while he ruined America.  On the flip side, President Trump has faced headwinds by a tainted press, the Obama Administration’s tainted attempts to link President Trump into Russia, an undercover impeachment where the Democrats proposed their offenses on President Trump, the China coronavirus and the race riots started by Obama’s’Black Lives Issue’ campaign.  Despite this President Trump is outclassing Obama at precisely the time in his Presidency.

A report from Gallup indicates that, technically, a president with a higher or 50% job approval rating heading into a November election, would get reelected. President Trump’s current job approval rating is at 49% among adults.

A graph can be provided:

Exactly what CNS and Gallop News don’t report is that no President having the approval rating going into his reelection of greater than 45% has dropped their reelection.  President Ford had the maximum rating for reelection at 45% in.
Based on Gallop, with a wing biased in the last few decades, President Trump’s approval beats on of Obama at exactly precisely the time in his Presidency.
President Trump has a following of supporters who have never waivered as before the 2016 election.  The Mueller Special Counsel bolstered the foundation and their conviction due to him of Trump.  More than ever Americans understand we want the outsider Trump to drain the swamp in DC.
President Trump is currently in a position since the 2020 election approaches.

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