President Trump Leads the Way – Stands for Worship and Prayer Amidst Chaos and Riots – AG Barr and Defense Secretary Esper Follow the President’s Lead

President Trump directed members of his administration and colleagues across the street to create a statement and subsequently held a press conference.  It was an historic moment.
The elites suddenly are fine using rioters collecting and ruining America after months of their elites telling Americans they can not go to their own churches and synagogues to worship due to the coronavirus.  When Americans were prevented from visiting their churches and synagogues, Maybe the devastation began?
President Trump said in standing before the church close to the White House which was set 18, the night before.  In a symbolic gesture, the President asserted back worship and prayer as the right of all Americans.  Enough of burning our places of worship down from gathering together to pray and preventing Americans.

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Following the President walk up during the afternoon, Defense Secretary Esper and AG Barr were out last night checking on the situation from the streets of Washington DC:
Pictures of AG Barr at DC last night:
Thank God for our President that is strong and the men who encourage him.  Time to bring back worship and prayer .

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