President Trump Announces First Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma NEXT WEEK followed by Events in Florida, Arizona and North Carolina

President Trump announced June 19th, he’ll resume his MAGA rallies following 16, beginning in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Rallies are also being proposed in Arizona Florida and North Carolina.
Via Bloomberg:

President Donald Trump said he plans to resume his campaign agendas starting in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 19, followed by events at cities in Arizona Florida and North Carolina.
Trump’s campaign stopped his signature rallies in March later Americans embraced practices to curb the coronavirus outbreak. Trump stated he’d resume the rallies next week.
He ticked off locations for rallies in comments to reporters at the White House on Wednesday during an interview with media figures and black fans. He said the Tulsa rally will be June 19.
The events attract thousands of his fans, are usually carried live on cable news networks and supply his campaign a wealth of information for get-out-the-vote attempts. Trump holds all his agendas in states that are considered competitive in November’s election.

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