PREMIERING 1/26 at 7:30PM ET: Alvin Lui: How Schools Are Weaponizing ‘Inclusion,’ Empathy, and ’Social Emotional Learning’ to Indoctrinate Children

“My great grandfather ran from communism. The people that dragged him out of his little bakery shop and beat him weren’t soldiers. They were college kids—the Red Guard. And I see that that’s what they’re creating now with a lot of these kids.”
After watching the destructive impact that progressive policies were having in California, Alvin Lui packed up and relocated to the Midwest. But in Indiana, he saw the same ideology taking hold.
“So I realized that if I didn’t try to at least do something … that I can’t complain. And I have nothing to complain about because I grew up in the time where I might be able to do something about it, even if it’s just a couple of parents at a time,” says Lui….

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