[PREMIERE AT 10:00AM ET] Does the Key to Curing Alzheimer’s and a Rare Childhood Disease Lie in Plasmalogens?

Fifteen years of neuroscientific research led Dr. Dayan Goodenowe to a landmark discovery: a single molecule much lower than normal in the blood of people with Alzheimer’s. Using his own technology, he identified that molecule as plasmalogen—an essential brain nutrient found in mothers’ breast milk. Was Alzheimer’s being caused by its depletion in brain cells?
What would happen if it could be restored? The challenge was set.
Since 2007, Goodenowe has researched and developed a treatment now being trialed by hundreds of doctors across America on Alzheimer’s sufferers. But on the opposite end of the life spectrum, two children with a rare (1 in every 100,000 births) disease are rapidly and profoundly displaying this treatment’s effects….

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