Pregnant White Woman Falsely Accused of Racism Defends Herself with Firearm After Being Assaulted, Threatened by Black Woman (VIDEO)

Lake Orion, Michigan — A white couple departing a Chipotle restaurant were accused of racism by a woman and her daughter.
The black woman accused of of bumping into her daughter near the entry of the restaurant, a pregnant girl and wanted an apology.
The girl accused the black women of preventing her and blocking the sidewalk.
“You are quite racist and dumb,” cried the black woman filming.

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The white girl tried to deescalate the confrontation by peacefully walking off and got to her car as the black woman called her a”dumbass bitch.”

The man defended his wife then walked off and got to the vehicle.
“This isn’t that kind of world. White people are not racist. No one’s racist. I care for you, I really care for you and I’m sorry if you had an episode that has made somebody made you really feel like this,” said the white girl from the vehicle. “nobody is displaced.”

Was This Woman Right Into Brandish Her Weapon?

As the couple that was white backed up their automobile to depart the parking lot, from departing the black woman hurried supporting the SUV to prevent them accused them of’attempting to strike her.’
The black woman threatened to conquer them and pounded on the vehicle.

The white girl got out of the vehicle and pulled out her firearm after being attacked and threatened,”Get the f*ck off!” She screamed. “Back then up the f*ck up!”
FOX 2 Detroit reported the white girl was arrested and her weapon was removed. She was later released.
WATCH (language warning):

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