Portland Fire Bureau Asks For Public’s Help ID’ing Arson Suspects In 94 Riot Fires, Police Stood Idly By

The Portland Fire & Rescue bureau is now asking for help from the general public in identifying a few arson suspects who lit out that a total of four fires throughout the protests/riots within an eleven day period. They have published a map of all the fires, together with all the police case numbers, and description of all the fire types.

Descriptions of these fires include offices, trash cans, dumpsters, banks, cars, and trees. Molotov cocktails launched some by fireworks.

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Here are some movies of the carnage:

Notice exactly what you don’t see in some of the movies. The police. The bulk of these fires were set within approximately ten blocks from the police headquarters, even throughout large scale protests that were turning violent and devolving to riots. Yet the Portland Police Bureau, headed by leader Chris Davis, felt it best to not intervene to stem the chaos. This led in their fundamental precinct being vandalized, looted, and set on fire.
Do the police attempt to identify some of those vandals and arsonists, often times relying upon stills from grainy videos:
If these Barney Fifes are prepared to stand down and watch their particular headquarters get looted and set on firewhile being too preoccupied to react to other looting and fires being set only a few blocks off, how can people have any confidence that these officers could protect and serve?

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