Popcorn and Inspiration: ‘Seabiscuit’: Filmmaker Gary Ross’s Love Letter to an American Underdog

PG-13 | 2h 20min | Drama, Sports, History | 25 July 2003 (USA) Although there are dozens of past champion thoroughbred horses with greater legacies and more wins, few have ever captured the hearts of more people (race fans and otherwise) than Seabiscuit (1933–1947). Writer and director Gary Ross’s 2003 “Seabiscuit” is just one of 10 past Seabiscuit-centric productions, but it is arguably the most critically acclaimed, financially successful, thorough, heartwarming, and entertaining. In his adaptation of Laura Hillenbrand’s 1999 bestselling book “Seabiscuit: An American Legend,” Ross includes as much of the book as a 140-minute feature can handle while walking a fine line between often intense drama and feel-good uplift. As with many fact-based sports films of this type (“Rudy,” “Miracle,” “A League of Their Own,” “The Greatest Game Ever Played”), “Seabiscuit” is an underdog story where the titular or principal characters are vastly underappreciated or discounted and prove their worth through heart, relentless drive, …

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