Pompeo Trolls John Bolton After Fired NatSec Advisor Says He Won’t Vote For Trump

Mike PompeoSecretary of State Mike Pompeo trolled John Bolton Following the National Security Advisor told the Daily Telegraph he would Probably vote for Joe Biden.

Sunday day, The Daily Telegraph reported the John Bolton told the newspaper in a private interview he will be voting for Joe Biden.
Bolton’s spokesperson released a statement Sunday night denying the terminated NatSec Advisor needed plans.
It ends up Bolton won’t vote for Trump or even Biden (who really cares?) .

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“He’s consistently said lately he is going to be writing from the title of a traditional Republican. Let there be no doubt — that he won’t be voting for Trump or even Biden.” The spox of bolton said Sunday night.
Pompeo fired a tweet off Sunday night trolling Biden.
Following the president September of 2019 john Bolton immediately started attacking Trump.

The White House on Saturday said it has plans to make sure Bolton receives”no profits” out of his memoir after estimate Lamberth refused the injunction.
For revealing classified information from his book, federal prosecutors are mulling criminal charges from Bolton.
John Bolton served as National Security Advisor under President Trump after General H.R. McMaster was driven out of the place in March of 2018.