Police in Hong Kong Make First Arrests of Pro-Democracy Protesters Under New Pro China Law

On July 1st millions of men and women in Hong Kong emerge into the China authorities in 1997 at a protest in remembrance of the Hong Kong handover.  
The transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong occurred when the United Kingdom ended administration and passed control of the country over to China.
Below is a movie in the past July 1st rally where countless showed up from the rain at remembrance of this handover:

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The Chinese celebrate as a holiday but for many in Hong Kong this day is remembered as the day and a day they started to lose their freedoms.
Forbes reported that Hong Kong protesters were detained on Wednesday, July 1st after the China legislature which could put Hong Kong protesters under lifetime sentences for inaugural China rule from the nation was passed by a new law in Hong Kong:

370 people were detained by police Wednesday throughout the largest protest in weeks in defiance of Covid-19 limitations of the city 10 were detained for violating the law, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The national security law, embraced Tuesday at Beijing, passed after the widespread protests in Hong Kong last year and enables police to crack down on dissenters with long jail sentences for charges that experts say are described in obscure terms which can allow for broad interpretation by China.

Critics of the law say it effectively ends the autonomy of Hong Kong, that has developed under a”one nation, two systems” deal because the British gave Hong Kong back to China in 1997, that occurred 23 years back from Wednesday.

CNBC reported:

Sometimes, the protests turned violent. While on duty, police said, seven officers were hurt.
Opponents of the law say that it undermines the town’s liberty which has been guaranteed after Hong Kong was handed over from the U.K. into China.

Nearly all people of Hong Kong who were born there and still are all supportive of their actions he is taking to protect the people there from Communist China, adore President Trump and reside there.  They don’t want to end up losing their freedoms.

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