Police Hunt Woman for Paint Attack on Catholic Cathedral in Denver

Just minutes before the start of early morning Sunday Mass on Oct.10, a lone vandal—believed to be a woman—attacked the 125-year-old Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Denver, Colorado, spraying it with offensive graffiti. Written in bright-red spray paint, the messages read: “Satan Lives Here,” “Jesus Was Here,” “KKK,” “Illuminati,” and “White Supremacists.” The vandal also painted swastikas on the gilded front door of the historic church. “Horrible things,” said the Rev. Samuel Morehead, who photographed the damage for city police. “It was all over the front and the side” of the cathedral building, steps, and sidewalk, Morehead told The Epoch Times. A statue of Pope John Paul II was also marked in red paint, he said. Morehead said it was the third instance of vandalism against the church in three months, and the worst he’d seen. “It was pretty brazen,” he said. “The police have a pretty good …

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