Photos: Man Transforms Home Office Into Epic $25,000 Lego-Themed Man Cave

A man has spent almost $25,000 on his impressive collection of Lego, transforming his home office into an incredible Lego-themed man cave.
Mike Atchison, 50, from the state of Washington, started collecting Legos from a young age, but since buying his home, he has made it into a full-blown hobby.
With over 100 sets, over 50 Lego Star Wars creatures, 1,343 different versions of Lego Star Wars mini-figures, and a few customized Lego Star Wars figures, Atchison and his wife, Anna, transformed their home office into a Lego heaven.
(Courtesy of Caters News)
(Courtesy of Caters News)
“As a kid, I grew up with Star Wars and Lego. I went through some old childhood boxes, discovering my old Lego sets and figures. For fun one day, I made a small display of the figures I had in our office,” Atchison said.

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