Photos: Creative Mom’s Extraordinary Food Art for Kids Is All-Edible and Healthy

Inspired by the textures and colors of healthy food, a mom of two started transforming meal prep for her kids into plate-sized works of art. Her creations, both lifelike and edible, have attracted an online following of fascinated foodies. Belgium-based artist Jolanda Stokkermans goes by the moniker De Meal Prepper. A graphic designer by trade, she started out sharing her food prep hacks with busy people and families on a dedicated website. She initially wanted to add a visual effect to her easy-to-cook recipe demonstrations using some good online pictures. However, not finding suitable stock photos, she decided to let her creativity flow, and cook and photograph the dishes herself. “I didn’t want to just make a dull picture of some food on a plate, so I tried to be a bit creative and made some figures out of the meals,” Jolanda told My Modern Met, an online magazine that celebrates creativity and promotes positive …

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