Photographer Visits Incredible ‘Arian’ Tribe in Pakistan; Remote African Tribe Like Visiting ‘2000 BC’

Lebanese photographer Omar Reda, 37, dreamed of traveling ever since he was a child, watching National Geographic documentaries on TV. Shooting with black and white film in university kindled an interest and eventually sent him off on a cross-continental journey to capture the wondrous diversity of tribal cultures. Recent travels landed him in Africa, following a successful Pakistani expedition. Omar found himself among the Masai tribe members in Kenya, where he said he hoped to portray “how humans can maintain and protect their unique identities, even in 2021.” “I wanted to show how prideful these tribes are despite the invasion of globalization and modern cultures,” Omar told The Epoch Times. “Our diversity is what enrich the human kind. Let’s celebrate it before it all fades away and before all cultures blend into one.” He was inspired by the incredible spirit of those tribal members, and impressed by their warmth in …

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