Photographer Snaps Antelope Appearing to Leap Over Motorcyclist as Herd Impressively Crosses Road

The amazing moment an antelope appears to leap over a motorbike has been caught on camera. The impressive sequence was shot by photographer Pratik Patel who spotted the herd dramatically crossing a road at the Blackbuck National Park in Velavadar, Gujarat state, India. Pratik, from nearby Ahmedabad, said: “During the month of July, the park is closed for visitors and the whole day was spent near the road and by the side of the Green fields in search of a bird called the Lesser Florican. “When I took the shot, the antelopes were passing from one side of the road to the other.” The photographer added: “Meanwhile, a bike rider just passed, and it looked as if the blackbucks were jumping in such a way over the bike. “The photo looks as if they are informing us that this jungle is ours, so please stay away from it and give us …

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