Pelosi Suffers Worse Mental Lapse Yet, Malfunctions For 10 Seconds Straight! (VIDEO)

This may be one of the worst emotional lapses of Speaker Pelosi yet!
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stuttered and malfunctioned for 10 minutes directly during a presser on Thursday.
Pelosi read by a letter that she sent whining about army about the steps of the Lincoln Memorial after barbarous left wing terrorists ruined land and started fires, defaced memorials.
“I preface it by saying, since you probably saw, you will find army on the measures of Lin–of Lincoln Memorial. The — uh — the, uh–what’s it? I’ll read it to you,” said Pelosi.

She was shaken by her inability.
80, pelosi, was confused she had to revert to a letter she wrote Trump later she had been caught speechless and unable to complete her sentence.

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