Peaceful Protester Arrested in Chicago After Filming Himself Handing Out Bombs at MN Riots and Posting on Facebook (VIDEO)

Matthew Lee Rupert is not far left protester, the cleverest cop-hating.
The Chicago man filmed himself yanking out bombs to”calm” Minnesota protesters who subsequently hurled the bombs .
Matthew Lee Rupert was charged Monday with civil disorder in Chicago, carrying on a riot and ownership of destructive devices.

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The Facebook page of rupert is live.

According to the criminal complaint, Rupert posted a movie to his FB accounts on Thursday night, saying he had been heading to Minneapolis, Minn., to take part in the protests calling for police liability over the passing of Floyd on May 25.
Prosecutors said Rupert streamed hours to live into his FB accounts videos over the weekend revealing him handing out explosives to throw at law enforcement officers, light a building on looting and fire that a business.

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