PARTY’S OVER: BLM Activist Admonishes Antifa For Boozing Rather Than Making “Autonomous Zone” Functional as Seattle Police Take Back Precinct (VIDEOS)

It appears like the party is finished.
Antifa domestic terrorists in Washington state set up an”autonomous zone” in six consecutive cubes in Seattle this week.

On Tuesday”Free Capitol Hill” the Antifa”Autonomous Zone” published its list of requirements from the Seattle and Washington State authorities.

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The listing contains reparations, ending the police and things — pretty much everything you would expect from a bunch of leftie kids that are illiterate.
Within 72 hours, things started to fall apart.
Even the anarchists declared local rapper Raz Simone and ran out of food.
On Thursday, the police took back the precinct.
Two officers are inside of the precinct cleaning up along with the leftists are not pleased.
WATCH: (language warning)
A proposition was made to place a fence back up and lock in the police inside.
1 BLM activist admonished Antifa for boozing and partying rather than creating”CHAZ” a practical protest.
‘This is why we aren’t being taken seriously,’ the Black Lives Matter activist said.

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