Pandora Papers Leak Reveals Vast Riches of a Religious Order Tainted by Sex Scandal

By Spencer Woodman From Miami Herald MIAMI—In January, Carlos Lomena, a truck driver in Plantation who lost his job during the coronavirus pandemic, begged a judge to stop his landlord from evicting him. The 37-year-old Lomena hoped to get a fair shake in court. He’d emigrated from Venezuela after high school with a sense that the United States had a more just legal system. In a letter to the Florida judge, he pointed to a recent extension of the nationwide moratorium on evictions during the coronavirus outbreak and asked for more time to pay his overdue rent. “I do not have a place to go,” Lomena wrote, “nor the money to move into a new apartment.” His landlord—a holding company formed by real estate firms in Miami and Iowa—wasn’t moved by his pleas. The company pressed the court to evict him and, in early February, the judge ruled that Lomena …

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