Pakistani National Charged With Smuggling Humans Into United States

Abid Ali Khan allegedly ran a Pakistani-based smuggling network to facilitate the illegal immigration of Pakistanis and Afghanis into the United States, the Department of Justice stated on April 7. Khan, a Pakistani national, allegedly ran the network between January 2015 and December 2020, the DOJ said. “Khan allegedly accepted payment in exchange for planning and coordinating the international travel for foreign nationals to travel from Pakistan through multiple countries, to include Brazil and the United States, allegedly offered or provided false documents for foreign nationals to use for travel through multiple countries,” the DOJ stated. ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations in Miami, Panama, and Brazil were involved in the investigation. The DOJ didn’t immediately respond to The Epoch Times’ questions of how many people Khan’s network allegedly smuggled into the United States, or how much he charged them. Recent reports from border experts suggest Middle Easterners are paying up to …

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