OUTRAGEOUS: Roger Stone Provides EXCLUSIVE Pictures to TGP of the FBI’s Raid at His House with Guns Locked and Loaded as He Opened His Front Door

This was the most disgusting occasion in US law enforcement background — Roger Stone being clubbed at 6am in his home in Florida by twenty-something FBI agents and CNN for complete garbage crimes related to Russia collusion that didn’t exist (along with the researchers and prosecutors knew it). 
This happened into a innocent individual — Roger Stone in America.  That really can be the America of Obama!

Roger Stone supplied the Gateway Pundit exclusive pictures at the early morning of January 25, 2019 from his arrest in his home in Florida.
That really is an outrage.

The image shows the home being approached by the FBI agents and looking at the bushes to Be Sure Stone does not embarrass them:

The graphic shows FBI agents in the doorway with Three or More firearms loaded locked and pointed directly at him of Stone

The movie is from a few minutes later as Roger Stone starts to open up his door.  Keep in Mind, this was early in Stone and the morning likely just stumbled out of bed and was woken up:

A little bit opens the door farther and Stone should have been requested to place his hands up.  What a disgrace that our Justice Department became under James and Obama Comey:

The Last picture is Stone being carted off in handcuffs having a shirt

Tucker Carlson spoke out regarding the kangaroo courtroom and judge overseeing Stone’s case.  The Stone arrest, indictment and courtroom case have been corrupt —
For filming the Stone arrest from the White House Press pool that was corrupt, corrupt CNN received an award.
Please donate that will help him pay his legal fees — Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund 

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