OUTRAGEOUS: 15 New York Agents DRAGGED Triple Amputee War Hero Brian Kolfage From His Wheelchair Into Backseat of Their Arrest Vehicle in Florida

Is this the most egregious US government abuse of power in history?
Two weeks ago war hero and triple amputee Brian Kolfage was arrested for bogus charges associated with constructing a wall on the Southern Border. The 15 New York USPIS representatives who arrested him dragged him into their arrest vehicle with one arm!
The media reported throughout the DNC and only a couple of days ahead of the RNC which New York representatives had arrested Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage along with others for charges associated with them building a section of the wall on the Southern border.  The news media was primed with stories of crimes in the court of public opinion.  These’fraudsters’ took cash to cover their efforts and expenditures while independently creating the wall to the Southern border!

TRENDING: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 15 Armed USPIS Agents out of New York Sent to Resist Triple Amputee War Hero Brian Kolfage at Florida — VIDEO along with PHOTOS

Of course this Purple Heart receiver Brian Kolfage is accused of pocketing $20,000 a month — along with a $100,000 upfront payment — from the viral GoFundMe fundraiser”We Build the Wall,” that started in 2018 and increased $25 million.

However, the media never reported the true story, they just reported what the tainted Southern District of New York (SDNY) told them to report.
In the turmoil, a 107mm rocket shell burst about three feet in Brian. He was thrown a few feet in the air and stumbled against a wall of sandbags. Still conscious following the blast, he started calling for help.
One of Brian’s closest friends miraculously, despite the sound of the rockets, found Brian’s cries and hurried out to find his buddy bloody, mangled, and clinging to life. He called for a medic and hurried to help Brian, who was struggling to breathe after one of his lungs had failed.
Brian’s website reports:

Despite suffering many amputations (Brian dropped both of his legs and his right arm) and the looming possibility of death, Brian maintained unbelievable strength and courage during his recovery. The fact that nobody with his level of amputation has been able to walk independently did not dissuade him. With undiminished spirit, he saw chances and worked with feverish determination throughout his physical treatment program, gaining strength and balance every day.
Unbelievably, Brian walked out of Walter Reed only 11 months after being injured — astonishing his doctors. Till this very day, he’s still the most seriously injured Airman to endure any warfare.

Brian’s site remains:

In 2011, Brian wed Ashley Goetz. The couple currently resides in Florida with their two children. Since its launching, the company has completed its first two construction segments and objectives to build a total of 100 miles of wall along the boundary.

This leads us two weeks ago and arguably the most despicable abuse of power in US history!

As we reported yesterday, fifteen (15) members in the New York United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) showed up on Brian Kolfage’s doorstep to arrest him on August 20, 2020.

About August 20th at least five automobiles, all with New York state discs, showed up outside warfare fighter Brian Kolfage’s home. Out arrived 15 USPIS brokers, armed and ready. The brokers no doubt idea through their activities on the very long haul from New York to Florida. They came prepared with guns, masks and gloves so COVID would not slow them down.  (We don’t have any information on whether these representatives quarantined themselves upon their return to New York.)
Three cars slowly came down Kolfage’s street and parked in front of his property. Then suddenly from the other direction, the other van pulled into Kolfage’s driveway and sped towards his property.
Next another car hurried down Kolfage’s drive and representatives got out. Subsequently a half dozen or so representatives exited their cars from the street and marched down his driveway towards his property.
When the representatives went into the home, they hunted around, such as in the children’s rooms.  They asked Kolfage about his guns, the number of and their traits.  They let Kolfage to only take his drugs with him and then took Kolfage out while his two children huddled in their area with dread. 
Once out the 15 agents dragged triple amputee war hero Brian Kolfage with a good arm and no legs into their arrest vehicle!  This was tremendously humbling and unsafe for Kolfage!

None of those 15 USPIS agents considered providing a vehicle that was wheelchair accessible due to their own arrest for triple amputee war hero Kolfage.  They drove all the way in New York and apparently never even considered that Kolfage had lost three limbs in Iraq and had been the most severely injured US airman to survive almost any warfare.
All the automobiles at Kolfage’s area pushed by the USPIS representatives had New York plates along with the USPIS representatives mentioned they drove all of the way in New York. The USPIS representatives never contacted the US Federal Marshals at Florida before Kolfage was hauled into the car.
Kolfage was shot to Pensacola in which they placed him at a non-accessible holding area whilst waiting to find the judge.  The mobile they placed him was not ADA compliant nor was the restroom that was not safe for Brian’s wheelchair or his or her safety.  All probable in violation of the ADA.
A Florida US Marshal was overheard telling the the New York USPIS representatives at the court house:

“Nothing like the nation of New York to return here to Florida and create a political show.”

The Florida Marshals were quite upset and advised Kolfage:

“I do not agree with the handling of this 1 bit, it is 100% political!”

A retired Postal Inspector out of New York who was also a former US Marshal shared with people anonymously that when he arrested handicapped individuals, He’d schedule it and Allow the court know about the problem:

Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Audrey Strauss came out a brief time later and called most of the men involved in building the Southern border wall’fraudsters’. These’fraudsters’ had claimed all contributions for building the wall could be spent around the wall and they had the audacity of paying themselves for their expenses and work.
Of course no victims of those’fraudsters’ abuse were identified or mentioned in the indictment. (It’s doubtful if anybody who gave into the border wall job gave a damn about Kolfage along with many others covering their labour and expenditures.)
As reported yesterday, Kolfage states:

I’ve taken direct hits from mortars fighting for my country overseas, now I am taking mortars out of a corrupt and weaponized judicial system that has made it their #1 goal to target each of Trump associates. With reckless respect for the constitution they’ve set out on a mission to destroy people’s lives by intimidation via a weaponized mainstream networking platform which regurgitates and attempts defendants in the court of public opinion before facts are known. This is not the sort of freedom I increased my right hand to shield, this can be totalitarianism to carry political offenders.
They’re coming for a single reason, we humiliated them, we demonstrated that Americans desired border security. ‘All of the people’ then constructed the wall and then cut off major human smuggling paths. We showed Americans that we can accomplish the”impossible” having a little good old fashioned hard work. That which we accomplished went against the tainted beliefs of these socialists out of NY that are following us. They want the permanent political group to keep in power. And so as to achieve that they need globalism and open borders to keep the electricity in their side.
When the details come out during the upcoming few months they’re likely to have to shed this situation; it is that is simple, this instance is 100% TAINTED by political motives.

** It is possible to donate to Brian’s fund to cover his legal expenses here —

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