Oregon County Will Vote on Seceding Into Idaho: Organizer

Harney County in Oregon will vote in November 2021 on a “Greater Idaho” proposal, potentially allowing it and several other Oregon counties to join the neighboring state, according to a group that has collected signatures for the initiative. Citizens for Greater Idaho’s website said Monday the group has obtained enough signatures. The group said that the proposal would “extend Idaho’s jurisdiction over rural, conservative counties of eastern and southern Oregon” and are also “intended to put pressure on the state legislatures of Oregon and Idaho to negotiate an interstate compact to relocate their common border.” “Idaho’s government would defend us from the radical Left’s cultural revolution and preserve our way of life—Oregon’s government wouldn’t,” said Mike McCarter, president of Move Oregon’s Border and Citizens for Greater Idaho, in a news release. “We may be able to convince northwestern Oregon to let eastern and southern Oregon counties go.” Most voters in …

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