Opinion: How Has It Happened That Politicians Deny Universal Human Rights in Canada?

Commentary “The father of the modern human rights system is John Humphrey.”               – Nelson Mandela New Brunswick’s own John Humphrey was the author of the first draft of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Mandela’s statement should not mislead us to conclude that the idea of human rights is a recent invention. It is not. The international system is. The UN’s declaration arises from its historical circumstances, a world war in which Hitler’s genocidal scientism was its most salient new feature. Anti-humanistic national ideology couched in the language of ‘science’ was the scalpel wielded against genetic identity groups. The declaration arose because the long-established ‘law of nations’–shorn of Christianity–had been insufficient to halt the transgressions of Nazi Germany. Genetics had trumped ethics and had denied obligations to humanity within its own borders. The international community would do what nations would not. The declaration was …

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