Ohio TV Repair Shop Switching Off After 75 Years

A family-owned television repair shop that has been a regular haunt for customers in Dayton, Ohio, will soon will close its doors for the last time in 75 years. Situated in the city’s old West Side neighborhood, the shop even attracts people from out of state. Its owner, Joe Spanel, has worked for Dayton Electronics at 112 North Broadway “since he was a kid.” His father Pete Spanel opened the TV and electronics repair shop in 1946, but times have well and truly changed and now Jeff Spanel plans to close the business in the next few weeks. He hopes to sell the neighboring lots he owns and likely work a part-time job in his “retirement years.” The reason? As television parts such as circuit boards, vacuum tubes, and even glass screens, have become obsolete or no longer made in foreign countries, TVs have been harder—if not impossible— to work on, Spanel said. …

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