Ohio Redistricting Map, State Primary Election Date Turning Into Puzzle of Unknowns

Ohio’s legislators have requested that new district boundary maps not be drawn or implemented until after the Nov. 8 General Election.
The move comes as the second phase of Ohio’s primary election—that could be held as early as Aug. 2 for the State House and State Senate offices—is being planned.
Earlier in the week of May 9, attorneys representing Ohio House Speaker Bob Cupp and Senate President Matt Huffman requested that the Ohio Supreme Court, which has been reviewing and rejecting proposed redistricting maps, hold off on implementing the newly-drawn districts in hopes of eliminating confusion.
Ohio Supreme Court Justice Maureen O’Connor has been the lone Republican to vote against Ohio’s redistricting maps. She has reached the age limit of serving as a judge and will be retiring at the end of 2022.
Such a move would allow the election to go forward without distractions.

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