Officials at Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s Press Conference Blame White Supremacists and Proud Boys for Violence at Leftist-Antifa Protests this Week (Video)

Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D-OR) held a press briefing on Tuesday following several nights of violence caused by far left and antifa protesters.
For causing the violence, governor Brown blamed white supremacists and the Proud Boys.
During the presser Governor Brown and Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty has been requested,”I was wondering in the event that you have some proof that you will find white supremacy groups that are specifically infiltrating these protests?

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty: Yes, actually we have seen pictures of some of the Proud Boys that are regular visitors to our great city down at protests over the previous 3 days. There have already been a lot of pictures published on Facebook. I can tell you with the police chief they have confessed that there are agitators that are there solely for the purpose of creating chaos with my discussions and briefings. So there is no wonder here in Oregon but all over the nation. I really do think it is a effort to disrupt our elections although I can’t prove it is an effort.

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The following official blamed white supremacists starting the violence at the antifa riots.
This is pure nonsense and they haven’t anything to back up their claims.

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