NTD Business (Nov. 21): Disney CEO Suddenly Replaced; FTX Owes More Than $3 Billion to Creditors

A sudden plot twist: Disney CEO Bob Chapek has been replaced by former CEO Bob Iger! It happened so suddenly, Iger himself says he’s amazed.
A family friendly competitor that has Disney in its sights scored big at the box office this past weekend. We talk to Angel Studios about the premiere of ‘The Chosen” season 3.
U.S. companies like Apple will soon be able to get cutting-edge 3 nanometer micro chip technology right on U.S. soil. How?
With inflation squeezing consumers, bargain hunting for holiday shopping is more important than ever. Stay tuned for money saving tips.
Love letters from a famous musician sell for top dollar at auction. Who wrote them? And to whom?…

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