Nightclub Boss Questions PM’s Leadership Over Vaccine Passports

A nightclub boss has questioned Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership over plans to enforce COVID-19 vaccine passports on club doors from September. Peter Marks, chief executive of Rekom UK, which owns 42 nightclubs including chains Pryzm, Eden, and Fiction, said he felt “utter disbelief” after hearing Johnson’s plans for clubs later this year. During a press conference on Monday, the day clubs reopened for the first time in 16 months, Johnson said proof of a negative test from 18-year-olds and over would no longer be considered sufficient enough for entry for nightclubs from September. Marks said while he understood the difficulties faced by the Government due to their need to “sail between all the icebergs of different factions” he disagreed with the latest plans. He added that he feels clubs have been “clobbered” because Johnson “daren’t touch the pubs” as he understands “how unpopular that would be” with the public. …

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