New Zealand Lifts Restrictions for Vaccinated, but Clamps Down on Unvaccinated

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a new COVID-19 traffic light system that will subject the unvaccinated to more restrictions, and at the same time lift tough lockdown rules for the vaccinated, effective from Dec. 3. The new rules will ease lockdown restrictions for Auckland, the most populated city in New Zealand, which has undergone tough lockdown measures for more than three months. “As previously said, Auckland will enter at red. The settings for other regions will be based on factors like vaccination levels, but Cabinet has already confirmed that no region will start at green while we are transitioning and managing a current outbreak,” Ardern said. A vaccinated person will still be required to wear masks on flights and in public transport, taxis, retail and public venues under the orange level. Under the red level, gatherings and hospitality for the vaccinated can go ahead with limits on numbers. …

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