New Woodward Book Reveals Former DNI Dan Coats was Conspiring Against Trump — Coats Also Held 2017 Meeting with Lindsey Graham and John McCain in Italy

On Wednesday the liberal press launched into their latest coordinated attack on Republican President Donald Trump.You can anticipate these liberal attacks on this president every week until Election day on November 3rd.
The large headline in the liberal mainstream press was that according to author and Washington Post columnist Bob Woodward President Trump sought to downplay the danger of this coronavirus to Americans earlier this season, but President Trump told author Bob Woodward that he understood the virus was serious and deadly. That is the”big hit”on Trump?  It did not last long until everyone realized this was complete nonsense and it was Democrats who refused the danger of this virus months following President Trump took actions to counter its spread to the US.
Later on Wednesday other segments from the novel were released.
Woodward demonstrated the generals that Trump trusted and Dan Coats were plotting a coup against President Trump.

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The prior DNI Dan Coats was conspiring against the duly elected president along with his boss.
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We reported last year on a 2017 discussion in Italy at which Dan Coats was joined by Trump-hater John McCain and Deep State Lindsey Graham.

Back in 2017 Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Together with the Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, all participated in a discussion in Italy.  We know McCain and Coats are Deep Condition.  Was Lindsey Graham Deep State too?
On September 2, 2017, it was noted that John McCain was in Italy —

Sen. John McCain is rolling up the summer congressional recess in northern Italy, where He’s attending the Ambrosetti Forum, along with the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. , at a panel focused on the United States.
McCain, who is in Italy with spouse Cindy McCain, is slated to speak at the gathering on Saturday.

Time reported on McCain’s speech a few days later —

McCain, who attended the Ambrosetti Forum this weekend with his colleague Sen. Lindsey Graham, directed to rhetoric from President Donald Trump because a number of these long-lasting connections have been in doubt.
“I recognize that I come to Italy at a time when many are questioning whether America is still committed to staying engaged in the whole world, to keeping our traditional alliances, also standing up for the values we all share,” McCain, a regular Republican critic of the president, stated, according to opinions shared with his team. “I also realize — and there’s no use in avoiding a little straight talk here that this doubt has to do with a few of the statements and actions of our President.”
McCain used the language to highlight the precious nature of the connection the United States has its European allies — especially with Italy, which he noted plays a job”in safeguarding our shared security.” Then he said there is a”real discussion” occurring in the U.S. about the role it has to play in the world and with other countries.

Notice McCain’s remarks on”upholding our traditional alliances, and standing up for the values we all share”.  Can it be a sign to Italian Deep State members that McCain worked to eliminate President Trump out of office?
McCain hated President Trump, perhaps out of jealousy or possibly since President Trump stood all that McCain did not.  The President supported middle America, lower taxation, the repeal of Obamacare, commerce agreements which made sense for the USA and a lot more.  McCain was not a supporter of making America great .
We know that McCain was at the center of their Trump — Russia scandal.  He hated President Trump so much he participated in a coup attempt to eliminate President Trump out of office.
In addition, we know now that former DNI and Deep State Dan Coats is not on America’s side.  It appears that he too has done everything he can to obstruct the President and many others attempting to acquire information on the illegal coup to remove the President in office.
How about Lindsey Graham?  Is he Deep State too? 
Last year Graham made a name for himself for the very first time in decades.  Graham was also a McCain confidant and hadn’t stood for justice since the Clinton impeachment hearings when he was so helpful in developing a case against Clinton as a representative in the US House.

He was subsequently appointed to the Chair of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.   But where has he gone?
He lied and held only a couple of public hearings on the Trump — Russia coup.  Others have predicted for Graham to attract Mueller and his group in the front of the Senate to attain information on the Mueller sham.  He arguably has a responsibility to do this.  But where has he gone?
Lindsey said that he was planning to get something, but when?  What’s he waitingfor? Why don’t you reach the bottom of the coup against President Trump and America?  Whose side is Lindsey on?

What do you think?

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