New Texas Law Requires Cash Bail for Suspects Accused of Violent Crimes

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill into law Monday that requires cash bail for suspects who allegedly committed violent crimes. The measure, Senate Bill 6, was passed in the Texas House and Senate last month following a delay that was triggered by dozens of House Democrats fleeing the state to deny Republicans quorum over a GOP-backed election overhaul bill. Known as the Damon Allen Act, the legislation was named after a Texas state trooper who was killed in 2017 during a traffic stop by a suspect who was out on $15,500 bond. The law now mandates that people accused of committing violent offenses cannot be released on personal bonds, which do not require a defendant to pay money but require other measures such as monitoring. Suspects believed to be involved in violent crimes will now have to post cash bail set by the court, the text of the legislation reads. …

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