New Jersey Mom Finds Message on Pantry Wall From Prior Owners: ‘We Lived, Loved, Laughed’

A few weeks after buying the house next door, a New Jersey woman and her daughter discovered a heartfelt handwritten message on the pantry wall from the home’s previous owners. The message brought the woman, who had known the prior occupants, close to tears. Susan Marie Smuzinsky of Newfield told The Epoch Times that their kitchen has a “very large pantry” that is almost like a closet. She said that her daughter saw the message on the inside wall while putting things away. “I was at work and she texted me the picture,” Susan said. The touching note read: “This home has many wonderful memories. We lived, loved, laughed, cried, and played here. We pray you will too. God bless.” The message, said Susan, gave her goosebumps and brought tears to her eyes. Susan had lived next door in the rural neighborhood for some time. She said her next-door neighbors were an elderly couple …

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