New Book Reveals General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Discussed Secret Military Coup Against President Trump While Serving In His White House

Critics are concerned the next phase of the’rolling coup’ could be coming from the army.
Is this exactly what the Deep Condition has in store ?
On Wednesday it was noted the General Mad Dog Mattis spoke a likely coup with fellow police officers when he had been working for President Trump. 
In a book released by Watergate associated Bob Woodward, Mattis reportedly did the following:

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[…]”Mattis softly moved to Washington National Cathedral to emphasise his concern to the country’s fate under Trump’s control also, according to Woodward, told Coats,”There might come a time once we must take collective action” because Trump is”hazardous. He is unfit.”

Of course this can be sedition — the overthrow of the Trump Administration.
General Mattis was removed from the President’s group and then this June was one of many military leaders from your Obama Administration to come out publicly and assault President Trump.  (This of course is indicative of from military men and women of ethics )
Mattis wrote an article at none Aside from The Atlantic in which he shared the following:

I have observed this week’s unfolding events, mad and appalled. This is precisely what protesters are demanding. It is a healthy and unifying demand–one which all of us ought to have the ability to get behind. We shouldn’t be distracted by a few lawbreakers. The protests are defined by tens of thousands of people of conscience who are insisting that people live up to our values–our values as our values as a nation.
As soon as I joined the army, some 50 decades before, I swore an oath to support and protect the Constitution. Never did I dream that troops taking the exact identical oath will be arranged under any position to violate the Constitutional rights of their fellow citizens–even less to supply a bizarre photo op for its elected commander-in-chief, with army leadership status alongside…
…Instructions given by the military departments to our troops before the Normandy invasion reminded soldiers that”The Nazi slogan for destroying us…had been’Divide and Conquer.’ Our American response is’In Union there is Strength. ”’ We have to summon that unity to surmount this catastrophe –confident that we are much better than our politics.
Donald Trump is the very first president in my life who doesn’t try and combine the American people–doesn’t even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us. We are witnessing the consequences of 3 decades of the deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of 3 years without old leadership. We can combine without drawing on the advantages inherent in our civil society. This won’t be easy, since the last few days have revealed, but we still owe it to our fellow citizens; the previous generations which dared to protect our promise; and to our kids…
…We know that we are much better than the abuse of executive authority that we witnessed in Lafayette Square. We have to deny and hold liable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution.

As we mentioned Wednesday afternoon back in June we also saw President Trump’s Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, proceed against the President in a press conference that he called where he refused to have troops assist in quelling the riots in Washington DC:
The New York Post reported in June:

“I state this not as secretary of defense, but as well as a former soldier, and a former associate of the National Guard: The choice to utilize active-duty forces in a law enforcement role should only be used as a matter of last resort, and only from the most urgent and dire of situations. We aren’t in one of those situations today. followed using a report from June saying:

Since protests across the United States enter their day, mature U.S. military employees have been lining up to voice their opposition to a Trump administration that has indicated its eagerness to unleash military power to put down the demonstrations.

We reported at this time:

President Trump and all America held a deep regard for the US army for a long time. This was after the wars in Iraq along with the Obama Administration. It seems the true colours of the US army are exhibiting and they are not flying for America or even President Trump…
…Among the real indications of Obama tearing the army was his shooting of General Michael Flynn. General Flynn known as Obama and his terrible policies as he had been hoping to earn a deal with the terrorist state of Iran while he was sending weapons to ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Obama targeted General Flynn ever since and consequently he still is caught up in a legal battle that began with a lie and entrapment and can be stuck in the courts following two corrupt judges along with a compliant lying press.
President Trump brought Generals Mattis, Kelly and McMaster into the White House. General McMaster was bad he introduced in Eric Ciaramella to the White House, the suspected fake whistleblower supporting the unconstitutional and corrupt Ukraine impeachment. These guys were suspected leakers and liars and surely to the day demonstrate they aren’t supporting President Trump or their tens of thousands of millions of fans.

We reported author Diana West shared in a meeting with Jason Goodman at CrowdSourceTheTruth:

I can tell you all these leaders aren’t apolitical. They either have direct ties to the Democratic machines or even globalist entities or even the army industrialist globalist complicated. I suggest these are absolutely committed partisans who have now lent their rankings and the army , to bashing Trump, in kind of a point of the’rolling coup’ which we have been studying.

This seemed to play outside in August after two prior army lieutenant colonels wrote a part in army publication, Defense One, urging General Milley to prepare for a coup when President Trump doesn’t leave office following the 2020 election:

Dear General Milley:
As chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, you are well aware of your responsibilities in regular times: to function as chief military adviser to the president of the United States, and to transmit the legal orders of the president and Secretary of Defense to combatant commanders. In normal times, these responsibilities are entirely consistent with your oath to”support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”
We don’t reside in normal times. The president of the United States is intentionally subverting our electoral system, threatening to stay in office in defiance of our Constitution. In a few months’ time, you might have to pick between defying a lawless president betraying your Constitutional oath. We compose to assist you in thinking clearly about that choice. If Donald Trump won’t leave office at the expiration of his constitutional term, the United States army must remove him by force, and you need to give that order.

Their post was outrageous to true patriots and those who love this country and President Trump.
Perhaps President Trump knows what is going on. A couple of days past President Trump chose a comment on Labor Day at the White House about the army that startled many because it had been so daring and brazen. He maintained the soldiers adore him but the generals who wish to create cash with US arms producers might not.
The President’s remarks were shared with SkyNews in Australia:
This comes following the completely unsupported report from the Atlantic last week. The hit piece that was proven untrue by FOIA records and was also debunked by former White House worker John Bolton in his novel discussing the subject, asserted that Trump disparaged troops buried in a cemetery who gave their lives to this country and for freedom.
This seems too well planned. Perhaps we are seeing a military coup in the building? Perhaps the riots are only a precursor to the next coup attempt?
Former Virginia State Senator and Judge Advocate General (JAG Officer) Richard Black believes this may be the case. He sums it up from the video below:

In June we cautioned the next phase from the rolling coup can demand the army. This frightening situation could be next.

What do you think?

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