Nebraska woman sues trans doctors who removed her breasts as a teen

The trans activists and all of their media enablers keep insisting that detransitioning among people who were groomed toward gender transition “treatment” as children is “rare.” They also insist that all of this “transgender care” is fully reversible if people do change their minds. Both of those claims have once again been shown to be lies in the case of Luka Hein of Nebraska. As a teenager, she suffered from a number of mental and emotional instability issues. But doctors (to use the term generously) from the Nebraska Medical Center convinced her that she was actually a boy. They quickly moved to put her on male hormones and convinced her to undergo a mastectomy. Now, having realized that she’s been a woman all along and has been physically injured in an irreparable fashion, she is suing the medical center and the doctors who did this to her. (National Review)


A Nebraska woman who underwent sex-change procedures as a teen but then detransitioned is suing the doctors and hospitals that facilitated the removal of her healthy breasts as part of her gender transition.

The lawsuit by Luka Hein was filed on Wednesday in Douglas County District Court. The accused parties include Nebraska Medicine, the Nebraska Medical Center, and UNMC Physicians.

Hein is being represented by the Center for American Liberty.

Hein reportedly went through a very traumatic childhood. She was “groomed and threatened” by an adult man and experienced other trauma. This led her to exhibit the symptoms of serious mental health struggles by the age of 13. But the doctors at the Health Center didn’t pursue any sort of therapy to address those issues. They instead diagnosed her as having “gender identity disorder” at the age of 15 and rushed her into the trans treatment pipeline, leading to the removal of her healthy breasts. Another doctor urged her to schedule a partial hysterectomy and have her womb removed at the age of 16, a procedure that would have left her permanently sterile. Thankfully, they failed to convince her to go that far, but the damage was already done.

Hein has been suffering from many of the negative effects brought on by years of testosterone injections. These can include hair loss or abnormal hair growth, high blood pressure, and a deepened voice. She will never be able to fully recover and if she is still capable of having children someday (which has not yet been established) she will never be able to breastfeed them.


This lawsuit may be just what the doctor ordered, if you’ll pardon the phrase. Without stricter legislative restrictions on these practices being performed on children, the only way to curb this behavior is to hit them in the pocketbook. We recently saw this tactic being effective when the Washington University Transgender Center in Missouri announced that they are halting all transgender treatments for minors. They were facing a potential raft of very expensive lawsuits after a new law was passed banning such “treatment.” And now they’ve backed down and are changing their policies.

A lot of this could be avoided if parents were kept in the loop as to their children’s potential mental health issues. But too many public schools have been working as hostile agents to groom children toward transitioning while keeping their families in the dark. But progress is being made on that front as well. Parents are pushing back and now seven school districts in the generally liberal state of California have passed parental notification policies. But people can’t afford to become complacent. Transgender “medical care” is already a multi-billion dollar per year industry and it’s only projected to grow larger in the future. And if that kind of money is available, someone will always come along to try to grab it.


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