National Police Association Praises DOJ Decision to Equip Officers With Body Cameras

The National Police Association (NPA) on Thursday said that it welcomes the “transparency” of the Department of Justice’s move to require its federal officers to wear and activate body cameras while carrying out pre-planned search and arrest warrants. Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, a spokesperson for the NPA and current law enforcement trainer, told The Epoch Times that the non-profit organization believes the new requirement will both improve the safety of federal agents through the review of footage, and lead to a greater confidence in federal law enforcement in general. “Many federal agents, especially when working with local police agencies on multi-agency task force initiatives, get involved in incredibly dangerous situations and the American public should be able to see firsthand the risks these brave police officers take,” Brantner Smith, a 29-year police veteran, said in an emailed statement. Brantner Smith cited the Feb. 2 deaths of FBI Special Agents Laura …

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