MUST READ: Joe Biden to Ramp Up Barack Obama’s Plan to Abolish and Transform America’s Suburbs

Writer Stanley Kurtz claimed in his book The Wealth Obama Is Robbing The Suburbs To Purchase the Cites which the grand strategy that was socialist of Barack Obama comprised redistributing wealth from American suburbs to the city.
Obama passed legislation in 2013 to force neighborhoods without a record of housing discrimination to build more housing targeted to racial and ethnic minorities.
According to Kurtz, the underlying thrust of this rule change was to force cultural and racial diversity on the suburbs:

The HUD principle is actually all about changing the way Americans live. It’s part of a wider suite of initiatives developed to block development, press Americans and even force us. Government-mandated cultural and racial diversification plays a part within this scheme, however the wider goal is forced”economic integration”

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While making suburbs look more like towns do the best vision is to create all neighborhoods more or less turning cities into ultra-dense Manhattans. Within this centrally-planned utopia, steadily rising amounts will dwell cheek-by-jowl in”pile and package” high-rises near public transportation, while automobiles fall into relative disuse.

At June of 2015 that the Obama government went forward with regulations made to help diversify America’s wealthier neighborhoods. The regulations will force communities to build affordable housing in areas that are wealthy so as to receive grant money.
Stanley Kurtz came out with a new report at National Review.
Says Kurtz:

Joe Biden and the Democrats want to abolish the suburbs of America. His party and biden have adopted another fantasy of the revolutionary Left: a national takeover and de facto urbanization of America’s suburbs. What’s more, Biden just might have the ability to pull this off”fundamental transformation”
The suburbs will be the swing constituency within our federal elections. They’d run screaming in the other way , if suburban voters understood exactly what the Democrats had in store for them. Republicans have been clueless or timid to generate an issue of the Democrats’ anti-suburban plans. It’s time to tell voters the truth.
I have been studying the housing plans of Joe Biden, and also what I have seen is surprising and frightening. I expected a President Biden would apply the Obama administration’s revolutionary AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) regulation to the hilt. That is just what Biden promises to perform. By itself, which would be enough to finish the suburbs of America as we have known them , as I’ve explained here at NRO.
What surprises me is that Biden has actually promised to go much farther than AFFH. Biden has adopted Cory Booker’s strategy for finishing single-family zoning in the suburbs and creating what you might call”small downtowns” in the suburbs. Blend the revolutionary AFFH regulation with the new strategy of Booker of the administration, and that I don’t see the suburbs can retain their ability. It will signify the end of a type of living that many people prefer to the city, that the end of local control, and therefore the end of choice in how Americans could live. Why shouldn’t Republicans understand this is what is at stake in this election?
It’s no exaggeration to say that urbanists have dreamed of abolishing the suburbs. (In reality, I have explained it in a book.) Initially, these radicals that were anti-suburban wanted cities to simply annex their suburbs, like cities failed in the 19th century. That way a major city can fatten up its own tax base. They cooked up, once progressives discovered it had become illegal for a city to annex its neighboring suburbs without voter consent.

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It is not a stretch to say this is definitely the most consequential election in America’s history.

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