Multiple ‘Swarming’ Attacks Involving Youth in the Last 12 Months

Another “swarming” occurred this week in Toronto, with four 13-year-old teenage boys being charged with assault after an alleged attack against uniformed employees of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC).
The TTC posted on Twitter that the alleged assault that started inside a bus in Scarborough, Ontario, was a “despicable swarming.”
Swarming involves a group of individuals “working as a singular entity in a swarming mob mentality,” Toronto Police Homicide Detective Sergeant Terry Browne explained on Dec. 21 at a news conference. Toronto police did not immediately return calls for comment.
Eight females aged 13 to 16 have been charged with the second-degree murder of Ken Lee, 59. The youth are accused of allegedly beating and stabbing Lee to death in a swarm on Dec. 18, 2022, reportedly to steal his bottle of alcohol….

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