MSNBC Host Rev Al Sharpton Attacks President Trump at George Floyd Funeral Wickedness in high places (Video)

MSNBC host and former Democratic Party presidential candidate Rev. Al Sharpton attacked President Trump at the funeral for George Floyd held in Houston Tuesday.

Before the President stood in front of a church set on fire by protesters the evening before sharpton berated Trump to the forced clearing from protesters a block in the White House a week ago Monday.
“You require rubber bullets & tear gas to clear out peaceful protesters then choose a Bible & walk before a Church & use a church because a brace. Wickedness in high places…”

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Floyd died in Minneapolis for passing a fake bill while being arrested. Video of Floyd on the sidewalk by a police car repeatedly saying”I can not breath” and calling “Mama” while being restrained by fired officer Derek Chauvin using a knee into his neck for almost nine minutes till he was dead sparked nationwide outrage, protests and riots.
The other three officers and chauvin were charged with Chauvin charged with manslaughter and second degree murder.
President Trump also ordered the Justice Department to investigate and has resisted the death in police custody of Floyd. Trump has also acted to quell the riots and looting from Washington, D.C. and throughout the country following the departure of Floyd.
Trump’s show of support to St. John’s Church after it had been burnt by protesters has been criticized by both Democrats and colleagues for using force by police to clean protesters by the area.

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