Mother of Trayvon Martin, Whose Death Sparked Black Lives Matter Movement Says, “WE NEED MORE POLICE”

Sybrina Fulton, the mum of Trayvon Martin, that had been murdered by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida following the two got into a scuffle in 2012, has qualified to run for office in Miami and states that she needs”more cops.”
According to the Daily Caller, Fulton has qualified to run for Miami County Commission, and it is now currently dedicated to enhancing security and won’t combine needs to defund law enforcement, a focal stage of the Black Lives Matter movement.
It had been the departure of Fulton’s son that social justice activists have blamed for giving her a role sparking the BLM movement and influence among the activists.
Sadly, Antifa and radicalized and other terrorist groups have infiltrated BLM, leading to vast riots, looting, and violence that has led to the murder of law enforcement officers and civilians.

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The mum of Trayvon Martin said she’s does not support as forecasts to divert funding from police departments toward youth programs and social service continue to gain traction with elected 38, efforts to decrease law enforcement resources.
“I believe we need more police,” Sybrina Fulton said, according to the Daily Caller. “We need police with better criteria, and police with better integrity and much better work habits”
Fulton announced that she is operating for Miami Dade County Commissioner District 1.
“I want residents to feel safe,” she told the Guardian. “I need to bridge the gap between the law enforcement and the area “

It’s uncertain how BLM will react to her bills, but as we have observed over the last couple of weeks and in person.
We expect Ms. Fulton remains safe and remains dedicated to logical police reforms and continued, if not increased funds for our law enforcement officials.

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