More Trillions in the Slush Fund?

Commentary “Come on, Man. Give us a break! Where did you stash all the swag?” — R.C. Moores One of the least debatable features of the COVID-19 pandemic is that the progress and evolution of the disease has been little understood. And the understanding we think we have achieved has been poorly incorporated in strategies to combat the pandemic. This was starkly underlined by a recent story in The Washington Post, which reports that the Joe Biden White House will soon ask Congress for even more money to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidently, $5.4 trillion was not enough. That $5.4 trillion is the total appropriated in six separate pieces of legislation over the past 24 months, all of which purported to combat the pandemic. You should have known in advance that six pieces of legislation, appropriating an average of $900 billion each, would surely fall short of satisfying the need to patch the wounds opened by …

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