Morale Plunges Among Short-Staffed Capitol Hill Police

Capitol Hill Police (CHP) are short-staffed and over-worked as the number of officers leaving the force mounts on a daily basis, but Congress doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to address the problem. There are 1,839 members of the CHP, which has lost three members to death since Officer Brian Sicknick died in the aftermath of the January 6 riot. Officer Howard Liebengood took his own life a few days later. Officer William Evans was killed April 2 when Nation of Islam follower Noah Green slammed into a road barrier Evans and Officer Kenny Shaver were manning. Shaver was seriously injured but survived, while Green was shot and killed by other CHP officers when he ran towards them while brandishing a large knife. “That could happen to any single person standing out on a corner at one of our posts at any single time,” a CHP officer who requested …

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