Mom of 5 Offers Advice to Parents New to Homeschooling

Amber Shimel is a homeschool mom of five, a university professor, and the author of “Homeschooling Simplified: Practical Tips and Encouragement for the Journey.” As more and more parents continue to opt out of the standard school route and head down the homeschooling path, I asked Ms. Shimel about her experience as a homeschool mom and for advice for parents considering the option to homeschool their children. Here’s what she said.
The Epoch Times: What made you decide to homeschool your children?
Amber Shimel: I didn’t have any personal experience with homeschooling, and actually loved my own childhood school experience in a mix of private schools and public schools. But I realized that I just wanted to physically be with my kids more than traditional schooling allowed. And I wanted to be the greatest influence in their lives….

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