Mom Does Jail Time, Beats Drug Addiction and Wins Back Custody of Her Son: ‘Thank You, God’

A woman from a loving home followed in her father’s footsteps when she became addicted to drugs. She was homeless, a nine-time felon who did jail time, and eventually lost custody of her son. But she found a sponsor and channeled her faith into a recovery plan. Today, Shay Walters, 30, celebrates her family, God’s grace, and the gift of sobriety. Growing up with her parents and two sisters in a small town in Ohio, Shay watched her father succumb to addiction and criminal activity. But he loved them, she told The Epoch Times in an email interview. Shay’s mother on the other hand was the “true definition of a lady.” She attended to all the household duties and cared for her three daughters. In Shay’s freshman year of high school, her father went to jail on drug charges. During that year, Shay wanted to be “defiant.” The then-15-year-old had …

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