Mitt Romney Marches in Black Lives Matter Protest to White House (Video)

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) walked at a Quiet Black Lives Matter Demonstration into the White House Sunday afternoon.

The protests in the White House, although about the passing in Minneapolis authorities custody of George Floyd and police violence against men and women, have been about forcing President Trump from office. Romney was the only senator to vote earlier this year to defraud Trump in his impeachment trial.
Romney said that he had been marching to”ending violence and brutality and to make sure that people understand that black lives issue.”
Washington Post reporter Hannah Natanson published movie of a short interview with Romney,”[email protected]
is marching with a group of almost 1,000 Christians into the White House. He is on video saying why he is walking:”… to Make Certain That people understand that Black Lives Matter”

In 2012 the Democrats smeared Romney as a homeless when he ran against President Obama:
Via US News (excerpt):

DNC Chair: Why Romney Welfare Attacks Are Racist
REPUBLICAN strikes on President Obama’s welfare coverage are a part of a”surprisingly clear” campaign to play the race card at the 2012 presidential campaign, says Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. They are, she says”a puppy leash for Republicans that believe race when casting their ballot.”
The take on the painful issue of the Florida lawmaker marks the very first time a top official at the Obama camp has weighed in on the racial overtones of their welfare strikes.
Wasserman Schultz, a Democratic House member from Florida, was asked about the recent welfare strikes during a breakfast session using U.S. News colleagues Thursday morning. She pointed out that welfare reform is an problem to get a campaign to focus on since not only is it not on voters’ minds, but also the accusations of the Romney campaign have been universally discredited by reality checkers. About nobody having asked to find out his birth certificate, and she referenced the birther crack of Romney last week. These information points, she argues, are racially coded…

UPDATE: Romney tweet added:
And another movie:

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