Michigan School Leaders Grapple With Lack of Consensus on Mask Mandates

Split public opinion on mask mandates has put Michigan’s school board members and administrators between a rock and a hard place. As school doors reopened earlier this month, the divide between those for and against masks has triggered protests in several communities. In Manchester, Michigan, a small town near Ann Arbor, a group of roughly two dozen maskless students pushed past administrators and entered their high school at the start of the school day on Sept. 7, the day their county health department’s mask mandate went into effect. The protest was recorded on video and shared widely on social media. A deputy from the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office could be seen telling the protesting students and parents in front of the school about the health department’s requirement to wear a mask. “I’m not going to force anybody. I’m not putting a mask on anybody. That’s not my job,” said the deputy. The …

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