Michigan Hospital System Says Workers With COVID Natural Immunity Don’t Need Vaccine

Workers at Michigan-based Spectrum Health can avoid the company’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate if they can prove they have natural immunity to the virus. “While we still recommend vaccination for people with prior COVID-19 infection, according to this new research, there is increasing evidence that natural infection affords protection from COVID-19 reinfection and severe symptoms for a period of time,” Spectrum said in a statement, according to local media. “Current studies are not clear on how long natural immunity protects from reinfection.” Under the hospital policy, workers will have to submit to an antibody test to prove they’re immune. Natural immunity, meaning that a person has contracted COVID-19 and recovered, is rarely discussed in national conversations about vaccines, although some studies have shown that individuals who were previously infected have displayed significant resistance to the virus. Researchers in Israel found that previous infection has provided better protection to individuals against the Delta …

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