Michigan Governor and Crazed Tyrant Gretchen Whitmer Orders High School Football, Soccer and V-Ball Players to Wear Masks, Even During Competition


Michigan’s crazed governor/tyrant arranged all high school and college soccer, soccer and softball athletes to wear face masks — even during competition.
MLive reported:

Michigan high school athletes in soccer, soccer and volleyball should continue to keep those face coverings handy. They will have to keep on wearing them, even during the heat of the competition.
That is the latest word from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, that on Wednesday signed Executive Order 180, which clarifies mandates on face coverings for organized sports during training, training and competition.

The new order says a face covering must be worn in any way times by athletes, so unless they can preserve 6 feet of social space.
So those in soccer, soccer and volleyball — sports which only returned this week — will probably need to wear face coverings constantly. Cross country, golf and tennis can go without masks, even if they can stay apart. Swimmers are the only exception to some coverings.

Whitmer afterwards resisted sports such as golf, tennis, cross country and baseball.

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