Maryland County Police Chief Resigns Citing Reforms, ‘I Will Not Be a Part of a Movement That Endangers’ Law Enforcement

Anne Arundel County Police Chief Timothy Altomare announced this week he’s retiring after two years with the division, citing reforms.
Altomare said he will not stand because he thinks it will only set the officers and the general public in more 29, for a motion which will defang law enforcement.
“I am not leaving because I’d like to. I am leaving because I will be part of a motion which endangers the people we are sworn to protect. You’ve never failed the people of even me or the county! Thank you! Hold your heads and function as police. It’s one of the most-noble of livelihood. Don’t let anyone twist that in your head!” — Altomare composed.
Altomare composed in a Capital Gazette article:

There’s a motion in this state and within this particular county to remove the police’s teeth. It’s wrong and it’ll have lasting and grave effects you will feel and see. Crime is ramping up in our county, across the nation and here. I’ve been told that I must be ashamed of considering sheepdogs, it is somehow discriminated against particular groups. That is untrue!
The flock needs shielding, the sheepdogs do that when the wolf shows up. I am a sheepdog and will not apologize for this. If the teeth are taken by society there is only sheep to the slaughter. I suggest this nation and this nation and this particular county wake up until the violence reaches a point where we can’t recover in the nightmare it is producing for itself.
By your very silence, your elected officials are being backed by you to corners where they believe only have a view. It is not appropriate and they will need to hear from you who have faith in your police. The alternative is anarchy and entropy.

“I can’t, but endorse a future where cop’s rights have been stripped away along with your officers have been treated as the criminals. They are courageous to a fault and faithful unto death. God thank you Anne Arundel County and rate! Please, encourage your police officers.” He concluded.
Police officers across the nation are stopping because of a motion from radical leftists to defund law enforcement.

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